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Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) is a state corporation under the Ministry of Health established under the KEMSA Act 2013 whose mandate is to procure, warehouse and distribute medical commodities to public health facilities. KEMSA obtained ISO 9001:2008 Certification in 2010 and has subsequently successfully been re-certified every two years. KEMSA is currently on its 3rd cycle of recertification.

All KEMSA business processes are fully automated through the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Other automated systems include the Logistics Management Information System (LMIS) and the KEMSA e-mobile service.

KEMSA business model is necessitated by the fact that the country embraced a devolved system of governance hence the health function has been devolved to the Counties. It allows the Authority to run a self-sustainable supply system. Therefore KEMSA re-configured its business model in order to align itself with the devolved system of government to ensure that public health facilities access medical commodities. KEMSA has put systems and structures in place to ensure that supply of medical commodities to public health facilities continues uninterrupted.

Under the new not-for-profit self-sustaining commercial business model the county health facilities will order and pay for their medical commodities on a demand driven supply system. The funds acquired from these sales goes towards replenishing our stock. KEMSA ensures that its medical commodities stocks are in line with market demands and the necessary transport system is in place which includes outsourced transport, courier service and its own fleet to ensure timely dispatch of all commodities ordered by the county health facilities.

Old Model: New Model:
Commodities Medical commodities and medical supplies bought by KEMSA with funds provided by the Ministry of Health Commodities KEMSA will be responsible for procurement of medical commodities and supplies with its own funds
Commodity Order Management Ordering was done quarterly by the facilities on a PULL system (Demand Driven) Commodity Order Management Ordering will be done by counties according to their needs
Payment Ministry of Health reimbursed for distribution costs and paid for warehousing costs Payment The county governments will be meet the cost of distribution and commodities
Stock Replenishment Ministry of Health Replenished the stocks through procurement by KEMSA Stock Replenishment KEMSA shall replenish its stocks from funds realized from sales of commodities to counties

Kenya Medical Supplies Authority – KEMSA

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