KEMSA E-Mobile

Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) in a public private partnership has revamped KEMSA e-mobile application to ease service provision to local hospitals enablinga more efficient and effective distribution of essential medical supplies across the country.

The KEMSA e-mobile is a national project that aims to support public health facilities to enable them communicate with KEMSA electronically in a seamless manner.

The e-Mobile is a smart phone application that is available specifically for Android phones via the “Play Store” but also available for all other smart phones via the web browser ( Plans are in place to extend it to app stores for all smart phones.


The application rides on the KEMSA Logistic Management Information System (LMIS) which is integrated in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)platform that gives visibility to the customer once an order has been made through LMIS.

The KEMSA eMobile only compliments the LMIS by providing visibility and information concerning their orders which is done in the LMIS. The eMobile comes at the tail end of the process after it is initialized in the LMIS.

KEMSA e-mobile includes a module designed to provide critical information to stakeholders about a health facility. This includes key decision makers in the health facilities who ordinarily do not need access to the ordering system, but need important data such as Order status, Order fill rate, Order turnaround time, County/Facility statements/balances and Facilities’ programs reporting rates.

The application allows for visibility of reporting rates that would allow the key stakeholders to see which facility has reported for which program.

The e-mobile enables facilities to confirm their receipt of supplies, measure turnaround time, and view county statements fill rate and order status.

It targets public hospitals especially in the remote areas to ease procurement of medical supplies from KEMSA.

Various health sector partners including Ministry of Health departmental staff, donors, facility support partners also have access to relevant information at facility and national level to facilitate decision making.

It enables the public to check whether specific drugs are available in their nearest health facility. For example, a patient under TB medication can check whether their nearest facility has been supplied with a specific drug. In turn,this will empower patients on status of medical supplies in the health facilities.

Kenya Medical Supplies Authority – KEMSA

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